Endomed is a privately owned South African company which was established in September 1997 after South Africa achieved democracy. The managing owners have a total of over 25 years combined experience in the surgical and healthcare industry.

The political situation in South Africa has afforded Endomed the opportunity to penetrate the market as an equal opportunity company that provides quality products at competitive pricing that promotes safe conditions for healthcare professionals and patients.

As the South African healthcare industry focuses on providing a safer environment in terms of infection control for both patients and staff, Endomed is poised with a broad range of medical safety devices including safety scalpels, safety lancets and safety syringes.


Endomed is the the largest worldwide distributor of the STAT-Site HB Meter, we also do exclusive products like EARDOC, LORIS safety lancet and I.V products and arista high risk gloves.

Stat Site HB Meter Loris Safety Lancet Eardoc

Some of our Brands:

Who uses our products?

Endomed's segmentation and target market is primarily safety conscious healthcare providers in government health institutions within South Africa and its neighbouring countries. We are able to achieve this through our own sales force and with our strong alliance distribution partners in the other provinces of South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Together with our alliance partners around South Africa and neighboring countries, our ultimate aim at Endomed is patient safety and comfort, customer satisfaction, employee achievement and the continual growth of our business.